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Complete Radio Guide

Radio is the most impactful factor in a song’s chart position. Whether Nicki Minaj’s songs are serviced to radio stations by her label or not, Barbz need to call, text and request daily to increase the amount of time it’s played (spins) and audience. Her music is eligible for Top 40, Urban and Rhythmic formats. Complete these tasks daily to help Nicki score the most radio points as possible.



Look out for radio request parties twice daily at 10am EST and 3pm EST led by @dollajetskii2 & #BarbzCoalition. @dollajetskii2 tweets quick forms to submit requests for specific stations across the US. This is the most effective way to communicate with stations and stay in their list of most played songs. International Barbz can participate too!

On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm EST [bold], the #BarbzCoalition (@phamp13, @TaTa_Onika, @JokerAirB) will lead their radio request party by tweeting radio stations across the US. Our job is to interact with their tweets by liking, retweeting and and replying to express our love for the song and tag the radio stations so they see it to play it.

To stay updated on radio request parties follow @dollajetskii2, @phamp13 and @tata_nikkibaby

Call stations here


Use the Shazam App to Shazam a song. The app recognizes the song and documents your location. This data provides insight on how and where, geographically a song is serviced to radio. Having the most Shazams as possible shows the demand for the song in different cities around the world. Shazam daily, as much as possible.


Billboard buying models

Participate in streaming parties and Shazam during the focus song.

How to Shazam – Let song play, Shazam it, let app recognize the song, delete it from your Shazam library and repeat until the song is over. Do this each time you hear the song.

Remember: “Shazam, Delete, Repeat!”

Billboard buying models

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