Digital Buying Guide

Follow these instructions to ensure that your sales count for the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Complete Digital Buying Guide

Read this before asking questions and if you have any questions while buying contact ProductiveBarbz on twitter.

Billboard Buying Model

Billboard buying models


  1. Pair Nicki’s website with each of the other 5 buying platforms. In each set, buy 1 of each version [C, E, I] on x platform AND her website.
  2. Change networks [locations], cards and emails every time you buy a set [x platform + Nicki’s website]. Remember to DOWNLOAD your purchases for the sale to COUNT!
  3. This template can be repeated weekly with IP/network/location remaining the constant. The other variables (cards, emails, accounts) must change for sales to not be filtered.

'x' = any digital platform


(things you need to keep buying weekly)

  1. 5 CARDS (debit, credit, cash app, paypal, venmo, gift card, etc)
  2. 10 emails
  3. Why privacy & vanilla gift cards are important moving forward – DO NOT BUY PREPAID GIFT CARDS in store (examples – itunes, Amazon, Visa, etc.)
    1. You can control how much money to put on the card instead of buying a card with $50 (example) when you can only use the card ONCE.
    2. Vanilla gift card minimum is $10 with $2.95 purchase fee = $12.95 total
    3. Use to make 5 single use cards. You can add a specific amount to each card. Get the personal one. It’s free.
      1. Maximum of 12 merchant locked virtual cards per month

Your cards no longer reset after each tracking week. Meaning once you buy 1 copy of each version (clean, explicit, instrumental) with one card per platform, (6 platforms listed above) you can never buy the song again for it to count for the chart which is why gift cards become important.

You can buy in your country with the same directions above on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, 7 Digital and Qobuz. Your purchases will count for the Global 200 singles chart for Billboard. DO NOT use a VPN to buy. DM us with any questions.


Use these methods below and be patient. Allow 24 hours before following up with the respective accounts.



  1. @Barbie_access (Twitter) - US ONLY


  1. Turn on post notifications for @nickistreamteam to see when they ARE dispersing funds & follow their instructions. Refrain from DM-ing them unless they contact you first.

Productive Barbz does not disperse funds and is not responsible for the operation of the barb banks listed above so please do not contact us regarding this matter.

For any questions about buying, streaming or radio, please DM @ProductiveBarbz on Twitter.